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Gewan Info Tech Solutions India Private Limited, based in Infopark, Koratty, is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Gewan Info-Tech Solutions LLC, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The company delivers IT Services with focus on development and drive of innovative IT solutions for the hospitality, travel & tourism industries, starting with complex online booking engines and ranging to business process management tools and ending with business analytics and travel finance software, while foreseeing tomorrow's competitive needs.
Gewan Infotech Solutions India Private Limited anticipates the leisure requirements of individuals and organisations in the future and creates the tools necessary for hospitality and travel & tourism enterprises to offer futuristic standards right now.
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3 easy working steps

The first step is to plan out what needs to be done. This involves setting clear objectives, determining the scope of the project, and identifying any constraints or risks. It's important to create a detailed plan that outlines the tasks to be completed, the timeline for completion, and the resources required.
The next step is to execute the plan. This involves assigning tasks to team members, monitoring progress, and making adjustments as needed. It's important to communicate regularly with team members to ensure that everyone is on the same page and to address any issues that arise.
The final step is to evaluate the results of the project. This involves reviewing the project plan, assessing whether the objectives were met, and identifying any areas for improvement. It's important to document the lessons learned from the project and to use this knowledge to improve future projects.
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Gewan Infotech has a wide range of working areas, each focused on delivering exceptional results for our clients.
Here are some of our core working areas:
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